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Develop Swimming As A Skill For Life

What We Do

AquaSkills is a learn-to-swim company that focuses on water safety, pool confidence and efficient swim strokes. Swimming yields many health benefits for children, such as stronger lungs. Besides that, swimming also inculcates social skills and a sense of sportsmanship that will see them well into adulthood.
We are made up of individuals who are passionate about sports. Our interests range from general fitness and training to intensive events like dualthlons and trialthlons. Our goal is to introduce swimming to students as a gateway to many other fitness endeavours.

Our Classes

Children Weekly Swim Program

In our weekly swim program, you learn based on the SwimSafer program (and eventually the advanced SSPA). Each class will have students of different levels – but we will cater to the individual needs of each student. Our classes are all conducted at Sengkang Swimming Complex.

  • $70 per month
  • Group size of 10 children to 1 coach
  • Minimum age of 4
  • Lessons at Sengkang Swimming Complex
  • Choose 1 day and 1 timing slot

Children School Holiday Intensive Program

This is our very popular “masterclass”, crash-course to swimming. Our lessons are focused and intense so students learn quickly during the term break. Graduate from the intensive program to our weekly classes and take your skills to the next level. We follow the SwimSafer and SSPA syllabus. Our classes are all conducted at Sengkang Swimming Complex.

*Only available during the school holidays*

  • $180 per child
  • Group size of 8 children to 1 coach
  • Minimum age of 4
  • Choose any 2 weeks for a total of 8 hours package
  • Get a FREE Starter Kit (Kickboard + Goggles + Swim Cap)
  • Lessons at Sengkang Swimming Complex

Ladies Swim Program

  • $280 for 10 sessions
  • Minimum age of 15
  • Duration of 1 hour
  • Lessons at Sengkang Swimming Complex

Adult School Holiday Intensive Program

  • $250 per adult
  • Group size of 8 adults to 1 coach
  • Minimum age of 15
  • Choose any 2 weeks for a total of 8 hours package
  • Get a FREE Starter Kit (Kickboard + Goggles + Swim Cap)
  • Lessons at Sengkang Swimming Complex

Private lessons

  • $80 per lesson
  • For those who can't make it for group lessons
  • Duration of 45min/60min
  • Ideal if you have access to a private pool

What Other Students Say

"Both our kids have been trained by Ms Samantha. Our elder kid was not happy with the ex-instructor and we took her out of training for about 6 months. Subsequent coaching with Ms Samantha went very well and we didn't hesitate to get our son to get coached by Md Samantha after few years. The following is what our elder kid says about Ms Samantha: Teacher Samantha is a teacher who treats her students very caringly. She taught me many life-saving skills and swimming techniques. If i do not know how to do a stroke, she will teach me very patiently. Once can definitely gain confidence and rid of hydrophobia while learning under Teacher Samantha. And we recommended her to two other kids and currently they are being coached by her along with our younger kid."
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"My 2 kids have been with Coach Eng and Coach Sam for the past 2 years and we are very glad that we started our children young on their swimming proficiencies with Aqua Skills. My boy used to be very afraid of water and could never stop struggling whenever we tried to take him swimming. After I got him started with Aqua Skills, I watched as he transformed into a water-confident child. Under their patient and effective coaching, my boy no longer feared having water on his face and could even start to swim beautifully. They have recently achieved their Bronze and Level 3 Swim Safer certificates too. My daughter now can swim much better than myself. Their swimming lessons have become something the children look forward to and the highlight of their week." -Adeline Cheah
Adeline Cheah
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"I would like to thank Coaches Samantha and Coach Eng, my kids’ coaches with Aqua Skills. The coaches have been great trainers, mentors and friend to my kids. At times, my kids’ progress in the pool seems slow, but thanks to the coaches’ patience, creative ideas and motivation, 2 of my kids (aged 14 & 12) have already attained silver award in the Swimsafer program and are now working towards gold award in the short term. In fact, I feel my kids are now looking forward to each lesson as a recreational exercise and not just another training lesson. I strongly recommend to try Aqua Skills’ classes as the coaches aim to keep the class size to a manageable size. This is done so as there will be more time to teach and correct each person’s mistakes and understand their pattern of learning. Aqua Skills is the right choice of school. Thank you Coaches Samantha and Coach Eng. Looking forward to more fun and exciting classes with you."
Mother of Shing Lou, Chia Jen, Hor Siang and Shing Liang
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