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Our Story

Samantha, Head Coach of Aqua Skills

In my 19 years of teaching swimming, I was very frustrated with myself. I was result focused, so I constantly pressured myself to deliver results quickly.

Parents of my students were also in the same direction, wanting their children to chase for a swimming certification.

The kids felt pressured too. Their motor skills are still developing, so it took them awhile to learn the correct stroke technique. But because of the pressure from the parents and me, many lost interest in swimming.

I realised that a balance approach is more important. While getting certified is needed, it is essentially an end point everyone will reach. The process of reaching that point is much more important. 
I ditched my old mindset and took up engaging approach to teaching. Understanding that every child is different in motor skills, in character, physical form and fitness. Understanding that students progress differently, some fast some slow.
My goal for all of them is to transform them to be competent swimmers. Every lesson will not only be a time of learning but a form of exercise. They will develop a stronger body and use swimming as a way to add benefits to their life.

Kenny, Coach of Aqua Skills

Kenny is one of the coaches in Aqua Skills. He is passionate about teaching swimming. He can handle any classes with enthusiasm which is why he is popular among the kids!

Why Learn To Swim With Us?

  • We follow the SwimSafer and Singapore Swimming Proficiency Awards (SSPA) program. Our coaches are certified to teach the syllabus.
  • We place high emphasis on your safety in the water.
  • We give you full attention regardless of class size.
  • We adapt the lesson progression based on your learning ability.
  • We don’t rush on skill development, because we strongly believe that cognitive development comes with age and practice.
  • We put huge focus on making swimming your life-long skill.
  • Our lessons are focused and task-oriented to maximise time.