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Note: Only for new students.


Payment of Fees

  • Fees : Bi-monthly collection, 2 months advance fee payment. All Students will be given a swimmer’s card upon joining the swim programmes. All payment of the swimming programmes is to be made together with the Swimmer’s Card.


  • All Swimmers card will be returned to the students on the 1st week of the even month and payment has to be made before the 25th of the even month. Prior paid fees will reserve student’s class space. Late fee payment may result in loss of class placement


  • There shall be no refund / no pro-rated payment of swimming fees under any circumstances.


  • Test fees and entrance fees are payable on top of the swimming fees and it shall be borne by the students

Registration & Withdrawal

  • Minimum 1 calendar month serve paid notice is required for all withdrawals of the swimming programmes. A 1-time deposit of $35.00 is required from each new student on their 1st Deposit amount will be refunded to students who have served the 1-month notice, otherwise it will be forfeited.


  • In event of failure to turn up for a month without notification and had not make any fee payment for that month, will be considered as withdrawal and the deposit will be forfeited.


Replacement Lessons

  • There shall be strictly NO replacement lessons for students who fail to turn up for the scheduled lessons


  • Replacement lessons are only given when a medical certificate is provided or notice from school. Replacement lessons are to be attended within the following 2 weeks. Replacement slot will be on a different day and time, lessons not attended within the 2 weeks period, will NOT be replaced.


  • NO lessons on the 5th week of the month, all Public holidays, Christmas day & Eve, New year & Eve, Chinese New Year & Eve. Scheduled lessons that fall on above will NOT be replaced. Please refer to the swimming Calender for more details about the date of swimming lessons.


  • In the event of pool closure due to lighting alert, land exercises will be conducted.